New Studio Drumset

The institute's equipment officer is really happy about our new addition:
A Gretsch Catalina Club, with a 22 "x 20" bass drum, 16 "x14" floor, 12 "x10" rack tom and 14 "x5.5" snare. The shells are made of mahogany and have a warm, very full sound, the whole set sounds big and massive in the recording.
It is now available as a second studio set for recordings.

Group photo with vinyl

After the last missing copy arrived yesterday, it's time for a group photo! I'm very happy that half of the productions of the last year have been released on vinyl.

In order to support this even better in the future, the institute not only invested in a good record player, but also optimized vinyl mastering with the help of the vinyl professionals from Duophonic – Vinyl Pressing, Mastering & Dubplates I am therefore very excited about the next release, which is currently in the press shop, and which fans and friends of Electric Moon should make very exited! If you are interested in the records shown here, you can either contact the bands directly (Mahlzeit, TheWow?) or their labelsWorst Bassist Records, Rock Freaks Records, Part Records) erhältlich.
Vinyl rules 🤘

Master #1

Just as I was uploading the new recording of The Honky Tonk Pounders to the press shop, I noticed that it was exactly 20 years ago that I had mastered my first record (what was called mastering at the time).

Back then without anything, without a studio, without experience, without equipment, except for a Pentium4 PC, self-made monitor boxes and a 1/4 inch tape machine. Together with Michael Erb we finished his first record No Exit. The action lasted until the early hours of the morning, we were very euphoric, more precisely beyond good and evil. 😉 A few hours later my daughter was born ... So now for her birthday the piece MDE from this disc, congratulations ...

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