The institute consists of a control room and a recording room, just big enough to accommodate a 4-5 member band, just small enough to keep up with the trend towards the tiny record studio.
The DIY idea is lived out here in a variety of ways and combines all the experience I have gained professionally in the craft or as a developer, as well as musically in bands or as a sound engineer.
This includes not only the construction of the rooms themselves, but also all the room acoustic measures, the studio equipment and installations, the large monitors, right through to various analog equipment or software.

Everything that I cannot build myself is available in contemporary, professional quality, especially the microphones and the converter, as well as the analog studio equipment.
The rooms are acoustically optimized as much as possible and the studio monitors are calibrated and corrected for the room.

There is also a choice of several amps and cabinets for guitar and bass, as well as two studio drumsets and several snares drums und cymbal sets.
These include little treasures or classics, such as two 1968 Marshall boxes, a Fender twin reverb, a Marshall JCM 900, an old London City amp, a TraceElliot V6 all-tube bass amp.
Also boxes and tops from Ampeg, Fender, Warwick, Marshall.

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